Get To Grips With Your ILVE

So you’ve got your pristine, new ILVE oven sitting proudly in your kitchen. You’re the envy of all your friends and you’re ready to wow them with your cooking prowess.

But all these functions: static grill, fan forced, fan assisted, lower floor heating, upper roof heating… it can be a lot to process! That’s why we developed an ILVE Tuition Class: to guide you through the ins-and-outs of everything ILVE, and have you making the most of your new oven in no time.

You can check out some of our top tuition tips below – and don’t forget follow this link to sign up to one of our classes:

Julie McKnight, our in-house cooking guru!

  1. ILVE ovens are so efficient that it’s recommended you reduce the temperature of your recipes by up to 10°C.
  2. Did you know the ILVE oven defrost function can actually be used to activate nuts?!
  3. Too busy to sit and watch your roast cook? The ILVE oven pre-programming feature allows you to set a time for the oven to turn off all on its own!
  4. ILVE ovens are specially designed to make life easier for you when it comes to cleaning. You are able to remove the entire oven door, giving you access to every nook and cranny.
  5. The ILVE Rotisserie Mode is a great way to cook various cuts of meats, but for a sweet twist try cooking pineapples and sprinkle over with cinnamon!
  6. Our ovens’ lower floor heating mode is the perfect setting for cooking crisp and crumbly pastries. You’ll be everyone’s favourite pastry chef!
  7. It wouldn’t be an Italian oven without its very own pizza mode. Specially designed to give your pizza base a crispy texture, when coupled with the ILVE pizza stone, this combo produces a result that will ensure you never need to order-in again.
  8. We recommend you burn off the catalytic liners in your ILVE oven at least four times a year. They absorb the fat and splatters in your oven, so can get pretty nasty if they aren’t attended to.
  9. Never use aluminium foil on the base of the oven, as it will reflect the heat back onto the enamel, causing irreversible damage.
  10. An ILVE multi-function oven can heat-up to 200°C in just six minutes!



Cooking With ILVE

For this week’s blog, we’ve handed the reins over to our in-house cooking guru: Julie McKnight. She’s put together a list of tried and tested recipes that are sure to leave your guests envious of the Italian stallion in your kitchen…. your ILVE, of course!

So it’s time to put those ILVE ovens to good use by whipping up some of these mouth-watering dishes at home.

The Mini Quiche

These bite-sized delights are the perfect accompaniment to your dinner party drinks. Light on the palate but full of flavour, the mini-quiche is the perfect starter.



1 sheet puff pastry

1 egg

150ml pouring cream

¼ cup tomato chutney

1 rasher finely chopped bacon

4 shallots, finely sliced

4 stripes roast capsicum, finely chopped

Finely grated parmesan cheese


1. Pre-heat ILVE oven on fan assist to 200C.

2. Grease a 12-hole tart pan. Using a pastry cutter, cut 12 rounds and place in holes.

3. Coat each tart with tomato chutney and divide chopped shallots and chopped bacon

between them.

4. Mix egg and cream together and pour a small amount in each quiche. Sprinkle with cheese.

5. Bake for 12 minutes or until egg is set and slightly brown.

6. Serve warm as finger food or with a salad as a light meal.

Baby potatoes with Chorizo and Olives

When the main event comes around, ILVE ovens truly come into their own, whether you’re using our rotisserie function to whip up a roast or putting a spin on a classic side dish of potatoes – as we are here!



700g baby potatoes, unpeeled and cut into quarters

2 tbs oil

2 cloves garlic

½ bunch sprigs of thyme

100 – 150g chorizo sausage

75g pitted olives

Extra thyme leaves for serving


1. Pre-heat oven to 200C. Place potatoes and garlic on a baking tray and drizzle with oil and salt, sprinkle over sprigs of thyme and bake 40 minutes or until crispy.

2. Once the potatoes are cooked, remove from oven, cover with foil to keep warm or place in lower part of the oven. Turn oven to fan grill at 180.

3. Cut sausages in half, drizzle with a little oil and fan grill for 10 minutes, remove from the oven and slice to bite size.

4. Combine potatoes and sausages and olives in a large bowl and mix together; remove any strings of thyme and serve with fresh thyme leaves.

Strawberry and Passionfruit Pavlova Roll

Ah, the pavlova, the age-old Aussie* dish that is always sure to cause arguments around the dinner table as to who gets the last piece. This fresh, summer pavlova roll is the ultimate way to show-off the sweeter side of your ILVE oven.


*Apparently the Kiwis have laid claim to this one…


4 eggs whites

1 cup caster sugar

½ tsp white vinegar

1 tsp corn flour

½ punnet of strawberries

3 passionfruit

1 tbs brown sugar

Cream to serve


1. Set oven at 170C on fan force. Grease a lamington tin and line with baking paper to cover all sides.

2. Beat egg whites to soft peaks and slowly add caster sugar. Beat till sugar has dissolved. Spoon in cornflour and vinegar, then fold in.

3. Place in the middle of the oven and cook for 14 minutes. Take out and dust a piece of baking paper with icing sugar and turn the pavlova out onto the paper. Roll up and cool.

4. Slice pavlova and place on plates.

5. Reduce ½ a punnet of strawberries with the pulp of 3 passionfruit with 1 tbs of brown sugar, then serve that onto the plates (any fruit that is in season would work).

6. Add cream to your liking.

Home on the Range

ILVE is uncompromising when it comes to style and substance, so it’s no surprise our latest Ceiling Rangehood is a picture of form and function executed with elegance.

Clean lines and premium materials make the CHR1000 one of the most intuitively constructed appliances yet. Designed to blend in with the kitchen ceiling, the subtle rangehood sleekly and subtly keeps your kitchen smoke, odour, and vapour free.

The modern stainless steel and white glass finish give a natural brightness, illuminating the cooking area. Powered by a sophisticated remote control, the rangehood ensures complete control when using the cooktop.


The “Plug and Play” system means the hood can easily be installed in either air recycling or duct out modes; in other words, it’s extremely versatile. Reinforcing the fact that practicality remains a priority, the rangehood comes equipped with a washable, anti-grease aluminium filter and a light indicating when the grease filter needs cleaning – leaving you more time to cook!


The ILVE Ceiling Rangehood’s main features include:


• Adjustable and delayed self-switching off

• Perimeter extraction

• Washable anti-grease aluminium filter

• Charcoal filters supplied

• Commands: Radio remote control 3S+B

• Lighting: 2 x LED strip (4.3W)

• Max. Air flow (m3/h): 1200 gross

• Motor consumption: 350W

• Outlet: 150 mm, 360° direction

• European Energy Class: A

• Size: 100cm





When it comes to kitchens, ILVE is renowned for their state-of-the-art appliances; the quintessential Italian kitchen brand for those who are passionate about cooking and design.
The ILVE Ceiling Rangehood’s RRP is $3, 499.

#GetLostInTheMoment Dinner and Photoshoot

Three of ILVE’s core values were brought to life earlier this month at the #GetLostInTheMoment Dinner and Photoshoot’ at our Sydney Showroom: ‘Get Lost In The Moment’; ‘Live With ILVE’; and ‘Handmade In Italy’.

A taste of what's to come! Model Pictured: M90IDMP in RAL Colour Pastel Green.

A taste of what’s to come! Model Pictured: M90IDMP in RAL Colour Pastel Green.

Intimacy and elegance were at the forefront of the evening, but seeing as the night was titled #GetLostInTheMoment, guests were encouraged to eat, drink, and be merry!

The styling combined colour with class.

The guest list was short but varied, with attendees spanning across the areas of cooking, lifestyle blogging, fashion and style, design, and modelling: @silverspies; @josiebarber; @shannonandsimon; @racheljames__; @karstanandmaxine, @andrianachidiac; @kyalandkara; @manofmanytastes; @roguehomme; and @shannonandsimon.

 @shannonandsimon starring in 'The Shannon & Kyal Cooking Show'!

@shannonandsimon starring in ‘The Shannon & Kyal Cooking Show’!


Chef Pilu doing what he does best!

Chef Pilu doing what he does best!

Guests were treated to an evening of fine dining by Friend of ILVE, Giovanni Pilu (of Pilu at Freshwater). During this part of the night, which focused on indulging in good food and wine, it was pretty easy to #GetLostInTheMoment! Chef Pilu also championed another of ILVE’s core beliefs (‘Handmade In Italy’), which not only applied to his Sardinian menu but also to ILVE’s cookers.

B&W BTS shot of @racheljames__ and @josiebarber from their shoot with the Majestic.

B&W BTS shot of @racheljames__ and @josiebarber from their shoot with the Majestic.

The other key aspect of the night involved the Freestanding Majestic, a true kitchen centerpiece that is sure to demand attention. These exceptional bespoke cookers (yes, you can customise!) compliment any kitchen and their unique style elevates them above the rest. Now, guests got the chance to ‘Live With ILVE’ and ‘Get Lost In The Moment’, as they each co-starred in an upscale yet vibrant photoshoot with the Majestic. Fashion, style, and design were on full-display during the photo sessions but, as can be seen in the finished shots (these will appear on ILVE’s and guests’ social media accounts in the coming weeks), fun also played a major role!

If you want to #LiveWithILVE and #GetLostInTheMoment with a #HandmadeInItaly Majestic cooker, find out more here:

Live With ILVE: Renovations and Kitchens

In this two-part interview with renovations experts Kyal and Kara Demmrich, they offer some tips on renos and talk about the key aspects of a kitchen space. Read Part Two below…


KK's Beach-home-37


We talked extensively about renovations in Part One. More specifically, what do you think are the most important aspects of a kitchen space?
Number one: a kitchen needs to be practical. Having a good flow from the oven and fridge is important.




How long have you lived with ILVE? Having lived with them, what sets ILVE products apart from others?
We’ve lived with ILVE for about two months now. We absolutely love the 900 Wide Oven [Model featured is the HP95CDT Cooktop; 900 STC Oven], which allows enough room to cook for my massive family! I also love the flush mount gas cooktop – so sleek!

Do you have a favourite recipe to make in your oven?
After living without an oven for six months prior to this renovation, I just can’t get enough of the classic roast dinner – especially roast beetroot!




Who would you most want to have over for dinner and why?
Mick Fanning. Before The Block we travelled around South America. In Brazil, we ran into Mick Fanning and he ended up making us dinner in his holiday apartment! We’d love to return the favour.

For more on ILVE ovens, visit:

Subscribe to keep up to date with the Toowoon Bay Renovation and future projects at and follow them on Instagram at kyalandkara and diversedesignconstruct.

Live With ILVE: Renovations and Kitchens

In this two-part interview with renovations experts Kyal and Kara Demmrich, they offer some tips on renos and talk about the key aspects of a kitchen space. Read Part One below…


KK's Beach-home-39


Could you tell us a bit about your most recent project, in Toowoon Bay, on the NSW Central Coast?
As most people who know us are aware, we’re just a little obsessed with property and renovating! About two years ago, we purchased a beach shack with plans of knocking over and building a big family home (no, the asbestos shack is unfortunately not worth renovating!). Not long after, we also sold our very first home. After working on plans in collaboration with an architect for our beach shack rebuild we realised we just weren’t ready to build our ‘forever home’.

We started looking for good investment renovations to work on and this great house in Toowoon Bay came on the market! It was half-renovated by previous rental tenants, who had stripped the house bare when they left. Plenty of investors were looking at it for land value only, however we saw the potential in the brick bones! With side driveway access, we also saw the potential to build a second dwelling out the back. With the goal of inspiring others, we have documented the whole renovation, build, and transformation process, which you can view at Our goal has been to create a timeless beach house with plenty of character – and we’re almost there.

We’ve been living in the renovation the whole way through, and dealing with morning sickness [at the time of writing, Kara was in her final trimester] has certainly added a new set of challenges to renovating!




What piece of advice would you give to first-time renovators?
Always remember what your goal is when renovating. Are you renovating your forever home, or are you renovating an investment property? Are you renovating to sell, live in, or rent? You’ll make smarter decisions when it comes to budget and finishes if you have a clear vision and goal in sight. If you’re unsure, doing some market research and seeking advice i.e. from a real estate agent will ensure you’re on the right track.




We interviewed you in 2014 and asked about interior design trends. What trends are hot right now and what do you foresee as being big in 2017?
Marble and marble-look composite products are certainly here to stay – with the trend still going strong in both benchtops and splashbacks. We’ll also see a re-emergence of kitchens with colour! Everyone loves a white kitchen, however it can often be the safe option. Think: deep blues, turquoise, or even some soft pastels! Benchtop profiles are also becoming thinner and more refined. Feature handles are going to be big, too. With so many options, handles are a great way to make a statement. Think: leather, shapes, and timber.

Subscribe to keep up to date with the Toowoon Bay Renovation and future projects at and follow them on Instagram at kyalandkara and diversedesignconstruct. 

Live With ILVE: Giovanni Pilu

Giovanni Pilu, owner of Pilu at Freshwater and friend of the brand, not only lives with ILVE but is also a revered chef. So it only made sense that we interviewed him about cooking and appliances before he recently jetted off to Italy!
Giovanni Pilu_ILVE Showroom

Why do you love cooking with ILVE, Giovanni?
I love the efficiency and power of commercial equipment that has been beautifully crafted for domestic use.

What’s your favourite ILVE appliance in your kitchen?
Our Freestanding Six-Burner and Teppanyaki Plate, with 1200 Oven below it
[Model Number: PN120FNP-NX Nostalgie Cooker with Chrome].

Giovanni Home Kitchen

Yes, we’ve heard you like to cook on your ILVE Teppanyaki Plate! What’s your favourite meal to make using it?
A simple dish of Bruschetta, using good quality sourdough drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and toasted on the plate, topped with grilled zucchini and goat’s cheese. Or bacon and eggs on the weekend!

We’d be ecstatic with either of those! How has living with ILVE changed the way you cook at home?
It means I’m more likely to entertain at home; the equipment is a pleasure to use and I love showing it off to my guests.

Giovanni Pilu introducing dinner

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what’s your top tip for throwing a dinner party at home?
I have a few for you. Sharing, sharing, sharing! Keep it simple. Place a large pot of food in the middle of the table. Also, give your friends a drink when they arrive, then get them to gather round the island bench and help with dinner prep.

Watch our exclusive collaboration with Giovanni here.

Images 1 + 3: Attila Szilvasi

ILVE: Handmade In Italy

Earlier this month, ILVE and Giovanni Pilu, owner of Pilu at Freshwater and dear friend of the brand, co-hosted an intimate and exclusive dining experience at ILVE’s Sydney Showroom. Guests were seated around a luxurious table setting and treated to Chef Pilu’s Sardinian menu (with matched wines, of course!)

Table setting

Carlo Illotti, ILVE Managing Director (pictured below, on the right), was at the dinner, so naturally ILVE sat down with him between courses to get his views on Italian-Australian relations!

Antonio Ruffatto, ILVE Export Manager (L), and Carlo Illotti, one of the Directors of ILVE Italy (R), with Giovanni Pilu (centre)

Why do you think ILVE has been so successful in Australia, Carlo?
In Australia – thanks to Mr Colbert [Jamey Colbert, Managing Director of ILVE distributor Eurolinx] and our collaboration of more than 25 years – we found a valuable supplier; not just a supplier, actually – we feel like a big family. Our intention is to grow, together, both in the market and in general.

Pilu addresses guests

And why do you think ILVE has become so successful in Australian homes?
Australians pay very close attention to the quality of materials and of designs. Until a few years ago, the design was something that was not so important for household appliances, though people recognised us as a leader in design and in quality, which is what separates ILVE. Another major strength of ILVE is the quality of the end product in the home: the cooking. The cooking aspect is very important: we studied the appliance in its commercial usage, and we then applied what we learnt about commercial appliances to domestic appliances. There is nobody else who has done this in the market. So, to summaries: quality, design, and performance are the keys to our success.

Pilu Team

Finally, what is your favourite ILVE product, Carlo?
The cookers, of course! The cookers are the result of the combination of all our knowledge about cooking.


Just to make you jealous, here’s the menu!


First Course
Fregola “risotatta” nettles, almonds, lemon and scarlet prawns.

Main Course
Rainbow Trout, garlic cream, rainbow chard and bottarga.

Domori dark chocolate delice, almonds and sheeps milk yoghurt.

PHOTOS: Attila Szilvasi

An Evolution In Ovens From ILVE

ILVE does not make the decision to release a new oven range lightly. When ILVE’s products evolve, they do so with substance. Thus, ILVE has taken their time with their latest built-in oven range, consulting with Europe’s leading architects and designers – not to design for just today, but for the future. They create a product that not only you would be proud to have in your kitchen, but one your children would be proud to have in theirs. The exceptional product designs are intended to be timeless, and the advancement of the latest range represents this and more.

760SPYTC closed


The new series of built-in ovens are the culmination of two years of research and development to bring to Australian kitchens an oven that has the technology, sophistication, and appearance that embodies ILVE’s ethos.


New ILVE Built-in control panel 02


Technology is at the forefront of this new range, which offers customers a new feature we call CHEF-assist’: a colour, TFT touchscreen with smart control panel. CHEF-assist features 11 language settings and over 35 preset recipe modes, enabling the user to perfectly cook any dish for the entire family. To make cooking even more enjoyable, the latest range also offers automatic cooking times, weight presets, and has the brilliant function of automatically changing recipes from degrees to fahrenheit, so temperature conversions and control are easier than ever before.

When it comes to temperature control, the new range has it covered. ILVE’s unique Tangential Ventilation System (TVS) smartly circulates air around the oven to ensure protection of your kitchen cabinetry. This intelligent tangential fan activates and disengages as and when required, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maximum oven efficiency.


New ILVE Built-in control panel 04


The new oven range offers the user more cooking space than its predecessors. This has been achieved by maximising the oven’s full internal size, allowing you more cooking space.

Another feature in the range is the new ULTRA-clean, light grey, nickel-free enamel interior, which is not only easy to clean but also reduces the toxicity of the materials that come in contact with food as it is cooking. In addition to these features, some models boast new S-MOVE soft-closing door technology, so users can gently close the oven door with a simple push, rather than slamming it shut

600SPYKT 01


All of the glass used in the oven door is thermo-reflective, to ensure a cool front is maintained and even cooking temperatures remain consistent. Bio-Safe Glass Enamel is forged at extreme temperatures, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish impervious to water, acid, and grease formed during cooking. The Bio-Safe Glass Enamel is also used to make the oven baking trays – this ensures uniformity, quality, and cleaning efficiency. The full-size glass door provides a panoramic view of the oven cavity, in its entirety, too.

Each oven cavity in ILVE’s new range is comprised of just one piece. It has no joins or welds, so there is nowhere for grease, fat, and other cooking residue to hide, which means quicker and more thorough cleaning. Each oven has a removable back panel to give the user easy access to the fan, assisting with easier cleaning and maintenance.

Closer 3


Another genius feature that comes standard in the new oven range is the simple-to-use, easy-release Telescopic oven side racks that can be removed with just one hand and without the need for any tools. The racks are coated with a special metallic alloy to make them dishwasher safe, helping to cut down on cleaning time and clutter in your sink.

When the oven is in the Pyrolytic self-cleaning mode, the temperature of the internal cavity rises to 460°C to incinerate any food residue from the oven walls. The new ovens incorporate a technology known as a fume catalyser, to help carbonise any unpleasant or unwanted odours created during this process.

When it comes to ovens, ILVE is at the forefront of innovation and ensures that every detail, whether small or large, is incorporated in the end product.

The built-in range from ILVE starts at $1,299 to $5,299

#LiveWithILVE: An Interview with Pretty Petals

ILVE took some time to chat with @4prettypetals, whose Instagram account we’ve been admiring for quite some time. Not only does she have a gorgeous kitchen, but she’s also responsible for some beautifully styled shots featuring her ILVE Freestanding Majestic (MD1006DMP in Matt Black & Bronze). 

We love your Instagram account over here in Australia. Could you give us some background on how it started?  
Thanks so much! I started blogging a couple years ago just as a fluke and it’s kind of snowballed into a bigger deal.  I focus on lifestyle, fashion, and home décor.



You also have a beautiful kitchen. What do you think are the three most important aspects of a kitchen space?
Our kitchen is part of a great room space and it’s also the first thing you see when you come through the front door. I wanted the space to feel open, light, and bright: hence the white cabinetry and marble counters. Because our kitchen and the appliances within are part of a great room space, we were on the lookout for beautiful appliances. The ILVE fits the space perfectly and is like a little jewel box in the centre of the room.

What’s the best interior design/styling advice you’ve ever received?
1) Buy what you love and follow your instincts. 2) Wait to get what you really want. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased something because it’s a good price or on-trend and then ended up selling it for less than half of its purchase price.




What advice would you give to anyone looking to make their home more elegant?
Choose the items you see and use daily wisely. They should be aesthetically pleasing AND functional.

How long have you lived with your ILVE?  
I’ve had my ILVE for two years.

What made you decide to buy an ILVE?
I’d looked at other similar styles and ILVE had the best reviews.




Do you have a favourite recipe to make in your oven?
I love to make Slow-Cooked Lamb with Ratatouille… and chocolate chip cookies ;)

Who would you most want to have over for dinner and why?
My family and closet friends.

Click here for more info on ILVE products. 

To find out more about Pretty Petals, click here

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This is what ILVE is all about. We are passionate about cooking, about food, about cooking great food and maybe failing in the first efforts. Everything to do with cooking and eating is an experience to be celebrated and shared. We believe in getting lost in a food moment and making sure as many people know about is as possible. From recipes to kitchen design, live with ILVE will feature guest content, reviews, images, tips and more from many walks of life.