ILVE does not make the decision to release a new oven range lightly. When ILVE’s products evolve, they do so with substance. Thus, ILVE has taken their time with their latest built-in oven range, consulting with Europe’s leading architects and designers – not to design for just today, but for the future. They create a product that not only you would be proud to have in your kitchen, but one your children would be proud to have in theirs. The exceptional product designs are intended to be timeless, and the advancement of the latest range represents this and more.

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The new series of built-in ovens are the culmination of two years of research and development to bring to Australian kitchens an oven that has the technology, sophistication, and appearance that embodies ILVE’s ethos.


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Technology is at the forefront of this new range, which offers customers a new feature we call CHEF-assist’: a colour, TFT touchscreen with smart control panel. CHEF-assist features 11 language settings and over 35 preset recipe modes, enabling the user to perfectly cook any dish for the entire family. To make cooking even more enjoyable, the latest range also offers automatic cooking times, weight presets, and has the brilliant function of automatically changing recipes from degrees to fahrenheit, so temperature conversions and control are easier than ever before.

When it comes to temperature control, the new range has it covered. ILVE’s unique Tangential Ventilation System (TVS) smartly circulates air around the oven to ensure protection of your kitchen cabinetry. This intelligent tangential fan activates and disengages as and when required, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maximum oven efficiency.


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The new oven range offers the user more cooking space than its predecessors. This has been achieved by maximising the oven’s full internal size, allowing you more cooking space.

Another feature in the range is the new ULTRA-clean, light grey, nickel-free enamel interior, which is not only easy to clean but also reduces the toxicity of the materials that come in contact with food as it is cooking. In addition to these features, some models boast new S-MOVE soft-closing door technology, so users can gently close the oven door with a simple push, rather than slamming it shut

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All of the glass used in the oven door is thermo-reflective, to ensure a cool front is maintained and even cooking temperatures remain consistent. Bio-Safe Glass Enamel is forged at extreme temperatures, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish impervious to water, acid, and grease formed during cooking. The Bio-Safe Glass Enamel is also used to make the oven baking trays – this ensures uniformity, quality, and cleaning efficiency. The full-size glass door provides a panoramic view of the oven cavity, in its entirety, too.

Each oven cavity in ILVE’s new range is comprised of just one piece. It has no joins or welds, so there is nowhere for grease, fat, and other cooking residue to hide, which means quicker and more thorough cleaning. Each oven has a removable back panel to give the user easy access to the fan, assisting with easier cleaning and maintenance.

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Another genius feature that comes standard in the new oven range is the simple-to-use, easy-release Telescopic oven side racks that can be removed with just one hand and without the need for any tools. The racks are coated with a special metallic alloy to make them dishwasher safe, helping to cut down on cleaning time and clutter in your sink.

When the oven is in the Pyrolytic self-cleaning mode, the temperature of the internal cavity rises to 460°C to incinerate any food residue from the oven walls. The new ovens incorporate a technology known as a fume catalyser, to help carbonise any unpleasant or unwanted odours created during this process.

When it comes to ovens, ILVE is at the forefront of innovation and ensures that every detail, whether small or large, is incorporated in the end product.

The built-in range from ILVE starts at $1,299 to $5,299