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Come on, Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

The mercury is hitting the mid-thirties, budgie smugglers are gracing our beaches, and the sound of cicadas is filling those long, balmy evenings. This can only mean one thing: summer’s almost here, and it’s prime time for outdoor entertaining!

So before you fire up that ILVE MY-Q SPACE-SAVING BBQ, take a look at these tips for honing your barbie skills.


Bella Jakubiak showing us how to work the MY-Q.

  • Perfect your grilling technique! Have different areas of the grill set to different temperatures. By doing this you can get the surface of your food looking the way you want on high, then move it to the lower temperature to let it cook through.
  • PAY ATTENTION! As grill-master and science know-it-all Harold McGee told the Gourmet Traveller, “It’s so easy not to pay attention when you’re having fun and drinking with friends, but that’s also what generally gives the best results”. So move that Esky closer to your MYQ and get multi-tasking!
  • Be a frequent flipper! The age-old debate about whether to flip the meat frequently or once only has been a hot topic at many a backyard barbie. Science, however, tells us it’s best to be a frequent flipper, as it allows the meat to cook faster and more evenly on the inside.


  • For the sake of convenience, skewer thin vegetables like asparagus to make flipping a breeze.
  • The hole truth! Pricking sausages on the grill means you lose a lot of fat out of the sausage, incite flames, and you could even end up shrinking your sausages!
  • Lastly, add a fistful of salt to your Esky. This lowers the freezing point of water inside, bringing a whole new level of chill to your bevvies!

For more about the ILVE M-Q SPACE-SAVING BBQ:


Happy 50th, AGT!

In 2016, Australian Gourmet Traveller is celebrating 50 years of exploring the best in food and travel, and ILVE has been lucky enough to celebrate with them.

Creating and tasting fantastic food is what we’re all about, so we jumped at the opportunity to join Gourmet Traveller and their readers as they wine and dine their way across the country as part of the Reader Dinner experience.

Starting off at Chef Nathan Sasi’s incredible Mercado restaurant in Sydney, we were treated to a spectacular Spanish spread. Sasi told Gourmet Traveller, “I fell in love with the cuisine, history and lifestyle while I was working around Spain… Anywhere that has siesta in the afternoon is a place I want to live.”


Sasi and his team at Mercado in Sydney.

This passion is evident in the food at Mercado – with dishes such as Smoked Wagyu Tongue In Brioche – and there was no shortage of those intense Spanish flavours on the night!

From the streets of Sydney to the rolling vineyards of the Yarra Valley, next up was Matt Stone’s stunning Oakridge Estate. With an abundance of amazing local produce, Stone’s menu is an ode to his beautiful surroundings.

Treated to Kangaroo; native fruits; herbs and spices alongside a roasted broccoli; and ancient barley and almond salad with beetroot (stalks and all), Stone’s commitment to ethical cooking is second-to-none.


Main course at Oakridge Estate in the Yarra Valley.

Our next dining experience with the Gourmet Traveller had a French twist. This time we headed to Philippe, operated by – and the namesake of – renowned French chef Philippe Mouchel.

One of the true heroes of Mouchel’s menu is the Pâté en Croûte, a combination of pork, veal, foie gras, pistachios, and pickled vegetables.


Pâté en Croûte at Philippe Restaurant, Melbourne.

Most recently we took a culinary sojourn to the sea at Cirrus,the new establishment from Brent Savage and Nick Hildebrandt, located at Barangaroo in Sydney.

Even though there is a heavy focus on seafood, Savage, speaking to Gourmet Traveller, explains there’s much more to the menu, “The palate is much broader. We’re using native ingredients, but there’s also umami and Asian undertones.”  


The seafood platter to top all seafood platters at Cirrus, Sydney

Here at ILVE we’re all about spreading love for quality food and cooking, so are extremely proud to support such high-calibre cooking in restaurants across Australia.

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