Fancy turning food preparation into an event with some uplifting anthems or soothing melodies in the kitchen? Want to cook up a feast without turning the house into a music festival? Introducing our newest state-of-the-art i-hood 90cm rangehood designed to become your next your i-pod and i-pad docking station.

The slim, modern design i-hood with sleek AS304 stainless steel construction ensures you can do away with the need for bulky docking stations, speakers and cables taking up useable and valuable bench space.

This is the rangehood for the music lover who is craving a way to combine their passion for food with their other abiding passion- be it music or live streaming your favorite recipe whilst you cook!

The newest i-hood rangehood will be unveiled at Grand Designs LIVE in Sydney next week for the first time. For further information visit

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