Oven Overload: Part 1

What makes ILVE stand out from the crowd?
This month we’ll be focusing on two very different styles of iconic ILVE ovens and looking at what makes them so special. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we’ll examine the Freestanding range.

For over 60 years, ILVE has been responsible for world-leading, handcrafted ovens from Italy. The brand has never compromised on style or quality, with the entirety of each appliance piece still being hand-assembled in the storied Italian factory.

Freestanding Ovens
ILVE is renowned for its beautifully crafted range of freestanding ovens, which come in three key styles: the Quadra – the brand’s flagship cooker; the Nostalgie – an oven that exemplifies traditional country style as well as the latest in kitchen technology; and the Majestic series – a stunning piece of workmanship that demands attention from even the fussiest of cooks.

Each style is fully customisable, with
the option for an all-gas burner top, induction cooktop, ceramic burners, a teppanyaki plate, a BBQ grill, a deep fryer, or even a simmer plate as add-ons to create the perfect personalised culinary experience.


All Freestanding ovens from ILVE also incorporate chef-calibre features, including multifunction cooking choices, up-to-110L oven capacity, electric rotisserie, and precision thermostat control that will bring out the passion in any aspiring home chef, no matter how experienced.

ILVE ovens are the ideal solution for busy families and professionals: the quick-start oven pre-heat function heats to 175°C in fewer than eight minutes with simple, accurate, variable temperature adjustment up to 250°C. In short, ILVE puts you in total control of your cooking – looking chic all the while!

Every detail has been thought of to your make cooking faster, better, and easier – even down to the details of the oven doors! Each oven door is fitted with glass panes treated with a one-off metallic film to reflect heat back into the oven. This not only makes them child-friendly but also results in more efficient cooking. The oven doors also use a commercial hinge that keeps them highly durable and sturdy. This one of a kind technology allows basting directly on the oven door and can hold up to 25kg of weight.

No stone has been left unturned when it comes to oven supremacy. For instance, some brands might be satisfied with one simple thermostat to measure cooking temperatures; ILVE, on the other hand, makes all their ovens with a dual-capillary system. This increases the accuracy and consistency of the cooking temperature, minimising cold and hot spots in the oven to create evenly cooked dishes every time.3

Being a premium brand, ILVE would never simply settle for cheaper aluminium burners on their cook tops. Instead, ILVE uses solid brass rings, as they retain and conduct heat far better and are even backed up by a 25-year warranty – a feature that is unique to the marketplace. To cap it all off, all ILVE ovens are made with 304-grade stainless steel, which is guaranteed not to rust and is anti-bacterial, too.

ILVE’s Freestanding Ovens start from SRP $5,299. For more info: http://ilve.com.au/products/freestanding-cookers/