piano flush


Promising the utmost safety in the kitchen, the new Piano Flush Cooktop by ILVE incorporates state-of-the-art innovative technologies that prevent hazards while cooking. The Piano Flush is the ideal choice for skillful chefs, to families with young children, and first time cooks who lack confidence in the kitchen, due to the safety measures it guarantees. With the latest technology in gas cooktops, the Piano Flush utilises forward-thinking technologies such as the automatic re-ignition.

The cooking surfaces will make up to three attempts to re-ignite automatically in the situation of the cooktop’s flame going out. Alternatively, if the cooktop does not ignite, the protection against gas leaks (Gasprotekt) intervenes. Providing confidence when cooking with gas, ILVE’S cutting-edge cooktop utilises a sensor to detect the temperature of each burner when it is turned off, lighting the letter H on the relative digital display until the temperature lowers to a tepid level and allowing the burner to be cleaned.

Design wise, the Piano Flush includes four gas burners, comprising of large, medium and small sizes, front sensor touch controls and cast-iron grills. Offered with the Piano series, the cast-iron grills are designed to provide a styling that is as flush as possible while safeguarding the efficiency of the burners, to avoid dispersion of the heating power of the flame.

For greater protection of solid work surfaces, the thickness of the grills was increased at their external perimeter. As a perfect example of ILVE’s stylish and innovative kitchen appliances, the Piano Flush Cooktop will make an impression on any home cook, due to it’s sleek design, tech-savvy features and by above all, providing the latest safety features for gas cooking.

 ILVE’s Piano Flush Cooktop are available in selected retailers and on display at ILVE showrooms nationally. For more information log onto www.ilve.com.au or call 1300 694 583.