More so now than ever your choice in kitchen design, and to much degree it’s very appliances, determines how you live, how you cook and how you entertain. The kitchen has fast become a reflection of its owner, making its many elements highly important. Is your new kitchen going to suit your current busy work, family or entertaining lifestyle?

Where to begin then when renovating or designing a new kitchen build?

It can be daunting when selecting a new oven, so the best start you can make is asking yourself this question – which brand sells the oven that is the right size for me? This will then enable you to narrow down the enormous selection of brands and models available.

When purchasing ovens and kitchen appliances, at ILVE we are finding that with the current trend of TV cooking shows customers are sticking to the core values of cooking and are looking for ovens that do not casino jameshallison provide unnecessary gimmicks, ovens which are more robust, and can handle the job night in and night out.

Food is such a big part of our lives and because of this we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so your kitchen needs to be practical and make you feel comfortable about being there.

When designing a kitchen for a new house build or an existing renovation, it’s easy to become guilty of getting things that are not always needed but believed to be a good idea at the time. It is important to take the time to really consider the core elements you need and base the design around that.

Remember that a kitchen is a room that you ideally do not want to be looking to renovate again for a good long time. At ILVE we find that kitchen designs for a new build in particular are more adventurous, where the wish list can become more a reality than when renovating an existing space.

Narrowing the choice down to a renowned appliance brand that provides an extensive collection of models for any situation saves you the time to concentrate more on the actual appliance that will best suit your

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needs. The wealth of experience and knowledge a reputable brand can offer then becomes yours to use wisely throughout your choices.

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